Episode 44 – 2024-06-10

Here is today’s set of tracks

  1. My Friend Jimi – Bullet Train
  2. David Tarr – Chasing Blue Sky
  3. Cory Owens & The Old Quarry Boys – Cherry Tree
  4. Wisdom Devine – Love Hurts ft RahDaMan Knightmare
  5. Emily D’Ranged – H8M3
  6. TJ Wong – ’72
  7. DizneyFist – Fume
  8. Delta OG – The Devil Never Change
  9. Rubber Factory Records – Kover – Road Wearing

Opening monologue by Prince from “2045: Radical Man” (2004)

Special Thanks

I can’t thank Mike & Chad enough for their help in testing some things out!

  • 333 sats from Mike Neumann via Podverse
  • 777 sats from Mike Neumann, via Fountain
    • he says, “The Trusted! Nice show, Kevin. Boosting from Podverse/Alby”
  • 1,000 sats from chadf

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