Get started

If you want to be part of this revolution here is the quickest way to get started.

  1. Open an Alby account
    • Fund your Alby account.(The minimum amount will change with the price of Bitcoin. As of this writing it’s $34.00)
      • There are a lot of identification and security with funding the account through Alby. Many people may not be comfortable with the identification requirements.
      • Cash App is an alternative. It’s part of Block, Inc., which owns Square. It’s well known and has been trusted with Bitcoin transactions since 2018.
        • Create a Cash App account, purchase some Bitcoin, then send it to your Bitcoin address in your Alby wallet.
  2. Find a compatible podcast app. The apps below can connect directly with your Alby wallet.
  3. Start listening!
    • When using these apps with your wallet loaded with sats, you’ll be able to stream payments directly to the artist. All music on this podcast is Value4Value enabled.
  4. Send your first Boostagram!