Episode 7 – 2023.09.30

It’s recap time. All the tracks I played from episode 1 through 6

  1. Ainsley Costello – Cherry On Top
  2. Ryan Fonda – Bringing Em Down
  3. Jessica Lynne Witty – Rebel
  4. Longy – Don’t Get Me Started
  5. Tis Tis – That Kind of Guy
  6. Jessica Lynne Witty – Memphis Anymore
  7. Joe Martin Music – Way I Need You
  8. BecomingPhill – Tomorrow Love
  9. Jessica Lynne Witty – My My My
  10. Ryan Fonda – Bright Lights
  11. Nicky and the Shouts – Don’t be a fool
  12. Tis Tis – Kitty Purry
  13. Ainsley Costello – Daydreamer
  14. LoKoBTC – One Way (Haunt Me)
  15. Tis Tis – Make It Happen
  16. Tis Tis – Mindset
  17. Homeless Moses – Wheels On Fire
  18. Tis Tis – Moment

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