Episode 17 – 2023.12.6

Christmas is almost here! I’ll be mixing in some Christmas songs along with all the tracks I played last month.

Shout out to boo-bury who sent a Boostagram of 17,776 and says, “We’ll do it live!”

I hope you enjoy this set of tracks.

  1. Sam Means – Christmas All Over Again
  2. Enid Mollel – Fly (feat B. LEO)
  3. Ron Gravity – Under Pressure
  4. The Higher Low – Truthseekers
  5. John Dale – Silverballs
  6. Longy – Trust in Life
  7. Aidan Fine – Nicotine
  8. Homeless Moses – Outdated
  9. The Harps – white paper
  10. Jimmie Bratcher – Man! It’s Christmas
  11. Ainsley Costello – Love Letter
  12. Signs and Signals – Modern Marie
  13. Coal Bed – Alibi
  14. JUSTLOUD – Shrooms
  15. Victoria Fragoso – Don’t Give Up On Christmas
  16. Sam Means – Found
  17. FM Rodeo – Get Abused
  18. Mandelbro – Eyes
  19. Crow Joe – Drop Down Lady
  20. Amber Sweeney – Chasing Ghosts
  21. Simon Hawker – WE WISH YOU A MERRY BITMASS
  22. The Top Hats Orchestra – Sleigh Ride

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